Carmen García Huerta

Selected as one of the 100 best international illustrators in Taschen’s prestigious The Illustrator (both 2019 and 2014 editions), her drawings have reflected trends in fashion publications around the world, from ELLE Russia to Vogue Spain. Among her clients are major jewelry, consumer, luxury and cosmetic brands, such as YSL Beauté, Lancôme, Louis Vuitton, Suárez, Durán, Cinco Jotas, La Cartuja de Sevilla, Alhambra beers, El Corte Inglés… artistic and less commercial we also find her work in underground magazines, art books and exhibitions in cities like Sao Paulo, Paris, Shanghai or Tel Aviv.

She studied advertising at university, and after a brief step in graphic design, immediately followed the instinct that since she was a child led her to draw tirelessly. She goes from portrait to fashion illustration or ornamentation, but what fascinates her most is getting lost in the excess of nature and its details, capturing even the obsession the infinite nuances of the animal and plant world.


Carmen García Huerta. Referencia internacional en ilustración de moda, sus dibujos han reflejado las tendencias en las publicaciones más prestigiosas de todo el mundo, desde L’Officiel Rusia y Japón, a Vogue España, Cosmopolitan Francia o Glamour Alemania. (Más información)